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Guided Tour: Ultra Pre-Processor

Ultra Mileage road data is in the form of road packs. These are either downloaded from our website using the Ultra Download Manager or they are created from OpenStreetMap PBF files using the Ultra Pre-Processor.

The main configuration screen in the Ultra Pre-Processor

Ultra Pre-Processor: Road Speed Configurations

Ultra Mileage's speed comes from the pre-processing step that applies the required road speeds to the road network to produce an optimized road pack. Use the Ultra Pre-Processor's configuration panel to set all of the road pack's configuration settings. The most important of these settings are the road speeds to apply, and the roads (e.g. foot paths) which should be ignored. You can also set a description for the road pack, preferred distance units, and whether to optimize for fastest routes or shortest routes.

The main in Ultra Pre-Processor

The main screen on Ultra Pre-Processor lets you set the input OpenStreetMap PBF file, the output road pack location, and displays the pre-processing progress. Pre-processing can take a few minutes for smaller countries, or hours for a large road network such as the USA. You can use the PBF file downloaded using the Ultra Download Manager, or you can create your own from the main OpenStreetMap database.

This is the last page of the Guided Tour. There are also step-by-step Walkthrough Guides for MileCharter and One2OneMileage.

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