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Guided Tour: Ultra Geocoder

Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage both calculate coordinates between geographic coordinates (i.e. longitude,latitude). However, most people use full or partial street addresses. The Ultra Geocoder is used to map these addresses to geographic coordinates.

The Geocoder's Database Parameters

Ultra Geocoder

The Ultra Geocoder is used to batch geocode full or partial addresses in a database. All of the database parameters and fields can be set. Ideally the input address would be fully defined (i.e. street, city, postcode), but partial addresses and even just the postcode/zipcode can be used. The country can be fixed or defined in a database field.

The actual geocoding process is performed by either a locally installed Caliper Maptitude instance, or with an online service. Supported online services include LocationIQ, HERE, and OpenCageData. Others may be added at a future date. All of the online services will require license registration, but all offer a free tier. You may need to purchase a paid license, depending on the quantity of data that you have.

Geocoder results (click for larger view)


Here are some sample results. Notice that the resulting longitude,latitude coordinates and a Status field have been written to the database. The Status indicates whether the location was geocoded and whether multiple, ambiguous results were reported by the geocoder.

A QC option can also be used to visually display the geocoded coordinates on a map. This is an effective way to quickly determine if the geocoded results are sensible.

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