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Guided Tour: Rate Tables

Ultra MileCharter and One2OneMileage can both calculate estimated driving costs using the same custom rate tables that are used by previous versions of MileCharter and MPMileage. These specify different rates for different mileage ranges.

Example rate table file

These rate tables specify costs (or rates per unit distance) for different route distances. These cost options are particularly useful if you wish to calculate the costs to charge a customer. For example, many businesses charge delivery costs according to distance ranges, eg "$50 for delivery with 20 miles". Both tools let you specify a particular cost schedule using the Rate Table function. Rate tables let you specify the cost in fixed bands, or on a per-mile rate for each band.

Rate tables are specified using a text file with comma, space, or tab separators. This example was created in Notepad, but you could also create one in Excel® and save it as a "CSV" file.

The first column specifies a distance, and the second column specifies the rate to apply for the preceding distance interval. In this example, the rates are "per mile", but you can also use these tables to specify absolute costs for the route (ie. "deliveries of 5-10 miles cost $10.00").

Rate table options in Ultra MileCharter

Enable rate tables by checking the Costs check box on the main MileCharter or One2OneMileage panel. This will enable the Rate Table button. Press this to display this dialog box to set the rate table options. We need to specify the rate table file, and set the type of rate table.

There are three different ways of applying the rate table. Here, we apply the "per mile" rate to all route miles. Ie. A distance of 100 miles has a rate of $0.37/mile, so the final cost is 100x0.37=$3.70

Result of route distances to customers in the Western USA

Here are some route distance results from MileCharter. The axes have been swapped for clarity. This is performed using a checkbox on MileCharter's main panel.

Map of customers in the Western USA

Here are the corresponding route costs. MileCharter applied the above rate table to the distances to produce these costs.

Next, we look at the Ultra Geocoder.

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