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Guided Tour: QC Routes

Individual routes can be verified in both Ultra MileCharter and One2OneMileage by using the QC (Quality Control) options. These allow you to visually inspect the chosen route.

A route drawn using the Maptitude QC option (Ultra MileCharter)

If you have Caliper Maptitude installed, both tools will let you view the route on a map created using Maptitude. You will need to provide a Maptitude MAP file to use as a basemap.

A route drawn using OpenStreetMap imagery (Ultra MileCharter)

In addition to Maptitude, it is possible to draw the route using OpenStreetMap tile imagery. This requires an Internet connection, but also lets you zoom and pan around the map.

The second map illustrates the same Chicago example drawn using OpenStreetMap imagery.

A route drawn using OpenStreetMap imagery

Zooming-in allows you to easily verify particular parts of the route. Here we have zoomed into a junction to ensure the route navigates it in a reasonable manner.

In addition to Maptitude and OpenStreetMap, the Ultra Mileage QC tools can write a route's path to a KML file for viewing in an external application such as Google Earth. This requires more steps, but does allow you to view multiple routes at the same time.

Next, we look at the Rate Tables used to estimate route costs.

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