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Guided Tour: Point-to-Point Routes

The second computation tool in the Ultra Mileage system is Ultra One2OneMileage. In contrast to Ultra MileCharter which computes routes between two groups of locations, Ultra One2OneMileage calculates individual point-to-point routes listed in a database.

Sample empty route database

Finding Arbitrary Routes

In this example, we have a list of routes in a database. The start and end locations are identified using names. Empty output fields will store the driving distance, estimated travel time, estimated cost, and an error/status.

The coordinates for the named locations are specified in a separate table. Alternatively you can use the coordinates directly in the route table.

The main Ultra One2OneMileage panel

This is the main Ultra One2OneMileage dialog box ready for processing. Additional dialog boxes define the database and data fields. As these contain a lot of settings, you can save them all to a configuration file for later use. This configuration file can also be used for 'silent' command line jobs that run in a batch file or in the Task Manager.

Route database with calculated values

And there is the completed database with the results written in situ. Ultra One2OneMileage supports all of the distance units, time units, and rate table options that Ultra MileCharter has.

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