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Guided Tour: 'Atlas' Charts

This guided tour shows you how the Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage tools can be used to create a variety of routes and mileage tables. We also have walkthrough guides for these tools.

Table of distances between some major Texas cities

Easy to create "Road Atlas" style tables.

'Road atlas' tables use a list of places (locations) for the start and end points. The result is a table that is very similar to the driving tables seen in road atlases.

Some major Texas cities in Maptitude

Ultra MileCharter created the above table of distances between a list of major Texas cities. The following screenshots show the process.

The city locations were imported from an Excel® spreadsheet. A Maptitude® layer could also be used, and this map shows the locations as red stars on a Maptitude® map. Text (e.g. CSV) files are also supported.

Screenshot of MileCharter just before the above table was created

MileCharter is started. The same data view (layer) was selected for both the start and finish locations to produce the 'atlas' table. Options for a lower-right table are selected. Distance units are set to miles. Distances and travel times are requested, and these will be written to different worksheets. Compute is pressed and the table is created in seconds.

Rectangular version of the distance table

The above example produces a 'lower triangle' mileage chart, where each city pair is only represented with one calculated distance. Usually this is sufficient, but MileCharter can also produce a full rectangular mileage chart (see right) which records distances for every city pair in both directions. One-way streets and frontage roads are the usual causes for route distances that vary according to direction.

These examples use Microsoft Excel for the output. MileCharter can also write to a series of text files, one for each attribute (distance, travel time, route cost). Text file separator characters can be commas (ie. CSV), semi-colons, or tab characters.

Similar "road atlas" style charts can be created for anywhere in the World. As well as cities, you could find distances between towns, offices, depots, or customers.

Next, we look at some business applications.

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