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Ultra Fast Batch Route Calculations

The Ultra Mileage Tools

The Ultra Mileage system has two main route calculation tools: Ultra MileCharter, and Ultra One2OneMileage. When you purchase a license, you purchase a license for one or both of these tools

Ultra MileCharter

Example 'atlas' style mileage chart (Texas cities, miles), produced by Ultra MileCharter Example table of mileages between Customers and Closest Sales Offices, produced by Ultra MileCharter

Ultra MileCharter is the Ultra port of our popular MPMileCharter for MapPoint and MileCharter for Maptitude products. It computes mileage charts and tables from one group of locations to a second group of locations. For example it can be used to calculate all distances from your customers to your sales offices. It can also be used to perform queries along the lines of "find the three closest sales offices to each of my customers that are also within 30 minutes drive time".

Ultra One2OneMileage

Example database of point-to-point route calculations, produced by One2OneMileage

Ultra One2OneMileage is the Ultra port of our MPMileage for MapPoint and MPMileage for Maptitude products. This allows you to batch compute the route distances, travel times, and estimated costs for a list of point-to-point routes listed in a database. Supported databases include Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, and any ODBC-aware database. One2OneMileage can be used on a network database, although this will slow processing significantly.

Ultra Geocoder

Ultra Geocoder is a geocoding tool that is used to geocode (convert) your addresses into the geographic coordinates used by Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage. This can work with data in Excel or in a database, and works in a 'batch' mode but also includes a QC mode for you to visually inspect the results.

Geocoding is provided by a locally installed Caliper Maptitude, or an online service (LocationIQ, HERE, OpenCageData currently supported). These will require a suitable license, although all of the online services offer a free tier.

The Ultra Geocoder is included in the default installation package but does not require a license to use it.

Ultra Pre-Processor

The Ultra Pre-Processor is used to calculate new road packs from an OpenStreetMap (OSM) PBF road file. Much of the Ultra's system speed is derived from this pre-processing. Road speeds are applied at the pre-processing stage.

The Ultra Pre-Processor is included in the default installation package but does not require a license to use it.

Ultra Download Manager

Although you can create your own road packs, we have some pre-computed for you. Use the Ultra Download Manager to download these packs and their original OpenStreetMap (OSM) PBF road files. Each country is produced in two versions optimized for fastest routes and shortest routes. All are updated every 1-2 months.

The Ultra Download Manager is included in the default installation package also does not require a license to use it.

We have a page listing the current road packs and their approximate download size.