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Ultra Mileage Benefits...

Find the distances between lots of locations in minutes instead of hours!

Calculate your route costs for hundreds of customers!

Example Table of Mileages to Customers Example Table of Mileages between Customers and Closest Sales Offices, produced by Ultra MileCharter

If you are already using an application like Microsoft® MapPoint® or a service like Google® Maps to calculate route distances, you know how much trouble it is to calculate multiple distances and travel times to reach your customers in time. Use Ultra Mileage to take the pain out of these calculations. Process thousands of source and destination locations accurately in seconds with a few mouse clicks.

Ultra Mileage is a series of standalone tools. The main components, Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage batch calculate route distances, travel times, and estimated costs. Ultra MileCharter calculates mileage tables and charts, whilst Ultra One2OneMileage calculates lists of point-to-point routes in a database. Additional tools can be used to create custom road packs and speeds (Ultra Pre-Processor), geocode addresses (Ultra Geocoder), and download new road packs (Ultra Download Manager).

Benefits include:

  • Save time by automatically performing large numbers of route calculations.
  • Quickly determine the route distances and estimated travel times between large numbers of pushpins.
    • Calculate distances and costs for each of your depots to serve each of your customers.
    • Calculate delivery cost estimates or fees.
    • Calculate employee driving reimbursements.
  • Calculate estimated costs using your rate table.
    • Different per-mile rates can be applied to different distance ranges.
    • Or, they can be specified according to different road types.
  • MileCharter: Quickly match source locations with their closest destination locations.
    • Match your customers to your closest sales locations.
  • One2OneMileage: Quickly calculate arbitrary point-to-point routes.
    • Calculate distances or travel times for further calculations.
    • Store the results directly into your input database.
    • Use a local Access or Excel database; or a proper enterprise database using ODBC.
  • Geocoder: Efficiently batch geocode your addresses.
    • Quickly find geographic coordinates ready for the route calculations.
    • Can work with full or partial addresses such as postcodes/zipcodes.
Example database of point-to-point route calculations, produced by One2OneMileage

For further information see our Guided Tour, or the Ultra MileCharter Walkthrough and Ultra One2OneMileage Walkthrough pages. The Walkthroughs give step-by-step instructions for running the main Ultra Mileage tools.

Free Trial

Click here for a free 14 day trial of Ultra Mileage. The trial version must be registered if you wish to use it beyond the 14 day trial period. Ultra Mileage licenses can be purchased from our purchase page, with prices starting at US$120 for a single tool license. Other purchase options (including CD-ROM) are also available.

Please use our online documentation or contact form for Ultra Mileage support.

"As a Fulbright US Scholar in Malawi, I used Ultra Mileage for distance calculations whilst studying water access and water resources. I also helped a grad student in Zambia studying malaria prevalence, find the distance between patients and health facilities in Malawi. The most critical and useful aspect of Ultra Mileage is that it works in a hybrid way for places like Malawi where roads data is often incomplete or lacking. The speed at which this completes the computations is amazing. " - Dr Suresh Muthukrishnan, Director of GIS and Remote Sensing Center, Furman University, SC