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Using Points in a Maptitude Map

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When selecting input locations from a Caliper Maptitude map, the Input Locations dialog box will look like this:




This dialog box may take a few seconds to load as MileCharter starts Maptitude in the background.


Select the required Maptitude map using the '...' button to the right of the Maptitude MAP file box.  MileCharter will then query the map for all available points data views and selection sets. The resulting list can be quite long. You can restrict the list to just the user-created data views by setting the Only Show User Data check box. Similarly, selection sets can be included in the list by setting the Show Selection Sets check box.


Select the data views and/or selection sets that specify the route start and finish locations. As you do this, the corresponding Name/Identifier Field drop-down boxes will be enabled with the data view's fields. For each, select the data field that stores the required name or identifier. These values will be written to the output chart as an identifier indicating exactly which location the row or column refers to. Both text and integer fields are suitable for use as names or identifiers. To avoid confusion, this data field should store unique values.


After setting all of the Maptitude input settings, press OK to return to the main MileCharter form.