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Types of Rate Table

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There are four kinds of rate table that can be used with Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage.



Constant Rate


This rate table consists of one constant rate which is applied for all distances. It is entered as a single value and does not require a rate table file.



Fixed Rate Table


Fixed rate tables list a range of distances with corresponding fixed costs. For example:




With the above table, all distances less than 10 miles will be recorded with a cost of $5.00. A distance of 14 miles will be recorded with a cost of $12.00, and a distance of 55 miles will be recorded with a cost of $30.00. The last row also applies for all distances that are longer, eg. a distance of 100 miles will also have a cost of $30.00.



Apply Rate for Full Distance


This kind of rate table provides a rate to charge "per mile" (or kilometer). The following examples should make this clear:




A distance of 20 miles has a rate $0.07/mile. Therefore the total cost for this distance is 20x0.07= $1.40.



Apply Rates over Intervals


This is similar to the Apply Rate for Full Distance table, but each rate is only applied to that interval of the final distance. This is illustrated in the following diagram:




This shows the calculation for a distance of 40 miles. This is split into four intervals. There are three full rate intervals ( 0-10 miles, 10-25 miles, 25-35 miles), and one partial interval of 35-40 miles. Each interval of the required distance is calculated with its own rate, and summed to give the final cost. Hence, the calculated cost is (10 miles * $0.05) + (15 miles * $0.07) + (10 miles * $0.09) + (5 miles * $0.12) = $3.05