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Ultra Mileage

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Selecting the Start and End Points

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MileCharter can work with start and end points that are specified text files, Excel workbooks, or Maptitude data views and/or selection sets. All three options let you specify the start and end locations separately. For example, one group (file, worksheet or data view) could be used for your depots, and a second group for your customers.


When you start Ultra MileCharter, you will see the main Ultra MileCharter panel:




The input locations (points) are selected using the Locations box in the top left corner. Select the data source for the input points, and press the Change button to specify the source and related parameters. A different dialog box will be displayed according to the data source:


CSV / Text Files (e.g. comma or tab separated files)

Excel Workbooks

Maptitude Maps


Note: The Maptitude option will only be enabled if Caliper Maptitude was detected on your PC.


After setting the input location points, specify the Road Pack to use, and the Route Options.