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Selecting Downloads

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The main list on the Download Manager lists the available countries and their preprocessed Road Packs:




We are regularly adding new countries. Contact us if you would like to add a country to the list.


The green circle with a white arrow indicates that this country or road pack has already been downloaded. The red circle with an exclamation mark (e.g. on "Netherlands - Fastest") indicates that this file has been downloaded but a more recent version is available. In the above example, we have also selected it for download.


Select the parent country if you wish to download the country's OpenStreetMap (PBF) road data. Select the component listings if you wish to download the road packs. Selecting a country will automatically select the matching road packs.


As you select each file, its information is listed below the main list. Data files and road packs can get quite large, so the total download size is listed in the Total selected for download box.


A couple of download options can be set by pressing the Download Options button. You can set the HTTP/FTP Proxy information (if you have one) and also set a download speed limit. The download speed limit is a target maximum download rate. At first it will probably exceed this speed, but over time the average download rate will settle on your specified limit.


Once everything has been set, press Start to start the downloads.