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Ultra Mileage

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Running the Pre-Processor

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After setting the files and the configuration, press the Start button on the main Pre-Processor dialog box to start processing. Progress will be indicated in the Progress Log:




There are three main stages in processing:


1.Scanning the input OSM data. This stage extracts all of the relevant road information into an easily readable form.

2.Creation of the road indices. These are used to map coordinates to their closest points in the road network.

3.Pre-processing of the road data ready for Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage. During this stage, the log will give a count of the number of remaining (unprocessed) road nodes.


Processing can take a long time. Smaller street networks (e.g. the British Isles) will take about 30 minutes; whilst a large network such as the USA will take many hours. Of course these speeds will vary according to the speed of your PC. Multiple CPU cores will help speed some of the processing. A fast SSD drive will also help. Processing can also be memory hungry. As a guide, the USA requires 16GB RAM, and the British Isles requires about 4GB.