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Ultra Mileage

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Revision History

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v1.3, Release Date: 25th September 2018


Ultra MileCharter bug fix: Poor handling of empty rows in Excel when setting the input data columns.

Ultra MileCharter bug fix: Changes to (Advanced) search parameters ignored when re-running mileage charts.

Ultra MileCharter bug fix: Incorrect distance unit correction for straight line distances.

Ultra MileCharter improvement: Roads auto-preload when you switch the "preload" setting ON in the Advanced Options and press OK.

Ultra MileCharter & One2OneMileage usability improvement: Longitude and Latitude selectors have been swapped.

Ultra MileCharter & One2OneMileage QC Mode bug fix: Occasional end-of-route cosmetic issues fixed.

Ultra MileCharter bug fix: Top left corner now gives time units or cost for the Time and Cost tables.

Ultra Pre-Processor new feature: Ability to use the maxspeed and minspeed in the input OpenStreetMap data. If present, these are applied as caps on the road speeds defined in the UMG file.  Default is ON, but this can be switched off.

Ultra Pre-Processor improvement: Improved logging display: Improved scrolling; excessive "iteration" log lines reduced.

Improvement: When loading a UMG config file, all missing (but expected) roads are automatically added as 'excluded'. This is useful in the Pre-Processor, where you can see the valid road types even if they do not have any road speeds.

Improvement: Better handling of default directories and files in the various file selection dialog boxes.



v1.2, Release Date: 4th June 2018


One2OneMileage improvement: Greatly increased efficiency of database queries when setting the database parameters. These were particularly noticeable with networked ODBC connections.

A number of improvements to the road pack data structure, resulting in notable reductions in size. This makes them quicker to download.

The option to prune intermediate nodes from a road pack during pre-processing. These are only used when matching coordinates to the road network, and when drawing the route in QC mode. The reduction in intermediate nodes does not change the route that is calculated, with the small exception of the short coordinate - road network distance. Reducing the nodes results in a smaller road pack.

Pre-Processor improvement: Unrecognized road types are now ignored. Default road speed option removed. Addition of 'corridor' and 'crossing' highway types - both ignored by default.

Road pack improvement: A road pack's data directory now has the "_DATA" suffix. This makes it easier to select the matching UMG file in the standard file selection dialog boxes.

Bug Fix: 'Orphan' road segments not always being ignored.

Downloader Bug Fix: Existing files overwritten correctly.



v1.1, Release Date: 19th March 2018


One2OneMileage (Ultra port of MPMileage) added to the main Ultra Mileage installation package

Ultra Downloader: Improved catalog version handling that will streamline future updates to the road pack format

Ultra Pre-Processor: Default road speed adjustments. Tracks are now 3mph (5kph) and service roads are now 5mph (8kph).

Ultra Pre-Processor: Option to filter "orphan" road segments (ie. single road segments without junctions) shorter than a specific length. Default: Filter those shorter than 1 mile / 1.6km.

MileCharter executable renamed "Ultra MileCharter" for consistency

Ultra MileCharter new feature: Command line mode added to allow for scripted / headless execution.

Ultra MileCharter new feature: Logging added to support command line mode.

Ultra MileCharter new feature: Ability to automatically save & close Excel when Excel output has been selected.

Ultra MileCharter improvement: Better handling of empty rows in input Excel data

Ultra MileCharter new feature: Deep search for when a route fails and this appears to be due to a point being matched with a short disconnected piece of road network (e.g. an alley in a pedestrianized city). This will then attempt to search further afield for the main road network. Default is ON. Select "Simple Search" in the Advanced Options to return to the original functionality (only try the closest piece of road network found - this is quicker but will fail more routes)

Installer Bug Fix: Correct download link for .NET Prerequisite.



v1.0, Release Date: 6th November 2017


Initial version with Ultra MileCharter.