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Ultra Mileage

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Overview of the Ultra System

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The Ultra Mileage system is more complicated that our previous batch mileage computation tools. This page describes how the individual components fit together.






Road Data Files


There are two types of road data files used by Ultra Mileage: 'Raw' OpenStreetMap PBF Road Data, and Road Packs (processed road networks). The first time you run an Ultra application, you will be prompted to provide default directories for these two file types. The files can be large (multi-GB), so we recommend a fast disk with plenty of space.


In theory, Ultra could work with any 'raw' unprocessed road network data, but at the time of writing, only OpenStreetMap "PBF" files are supported. These have the ".pbf" extension and we refer to them as "OSM" files. You can use OSM .pbf files downloaded from our servers, or you can create your own. Typically these reside in the "Default Directory for OpenStreetMap PBF Files" location.


The road packs are processed road networks. These have been optimized for a specific road speed profile and to produce either fastest routes or shortest routes. They are also much faster to load than the raw OpenStreetMap "PBF" files.   Road packs can be downloaded from our server or created using the Ultra Pre-Processor. Each road pack has a UMG file and a sub-directory with the same name but with a "_DATA" suffix. Typically these reside in the "Directory for processed road networks ('Road Packs')".



Base Directory

Example file names


OpenStreetMap PBF Directory


OpenStreetMap file of road network data for the Contiguous USA

Directory for Processed Road Networks



Road pack file with description,speeds,etc.

Directory with matching road network data.





Ultra Applications


The Ultra system comes with the following applications:


Ultra Download Manager

Use this to download OpenStreetMap PBF Road Data and Road Pack data from our servers.


Ultra Pre-Processor

Use this to create a new Road Pack from a PBF Road Data File and a custom set of road speeds.


Ultra MileCharter

Calculate Mileage Tables using a road pack that has been downloaded (with Ultra Download Manager) or created using Ultra Pre-Processor.  This is the Ultra version of our existing MPMileCharter and MileCharter for Maptitude products.


Ultra One2OneMileage

Calculates point-to-point routes listed in a database, writing the results back to the same database. This is the Ultra version of our existing MPMileage product range.