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Overview of the Pre-Processor

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The Pre-Processor is used to create a new Road Pack from an existing OpenStreetMap (PBF) road file. A road pack is optimized for a specific set of road speeds, so you will need to create a new road pack if you wish to change the road speed profile.


You can also create multiple road packs and store them for future use. This is useful if you need to switch back and forth between different speed profiles and do not wish to recalculate everything every time.


Here is the main Ultra Pre-Processor dialog box:




Input OSM File is used to set the input OpenStreetMap (PBF) file. Typically this is a file downloaded from the Winwaed servers, but it can be any OpenStreetMap PBF file that contains road data. Typically this file is in the default OpenStreetmap PBF Directory, but it does not have to be.


Output Data File is used to specify the roadpack's "root" UMG file. The road pack will be written to this file and a directory with the same name but with a suffix of "_DATA" in the same location. See Overview of the Ultra System for more details.


Press the Edit Config button to edit all of the configuration options. These include the road speed profile, road pack description, preferred distance units, and whether routes should be optimized for fastest routes or shortest routes.


Finally after setting all of the options, press Start to start the road data pre-processing.