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Ultra Mileage

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Overview of the Download Manager

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The Ultra Download Manager is used to download OpenStreetmap PBF road data and pre-processed Road Packs from the Winwaed servers. These are then used by Ultra MileCharter and Ultra MPMileage to calculate route distances and travel times. You may also use your own PBF road files downloaded from a different server using that server's web interface or a file transfer tool such as SFTP.


When you run The Download Manager, you will be presented with a display that looks like this (except the main list will be empty):




If the Download Manager is the first Ultra program that you run, you will first be prompted for the default data directories. You may change these default data directories by pressing the System Paths button.


You probably do not have a data catalog downloaded, so the main list will initially be blank and there will not be a catalog update time listed. Press the Update Catalog button to download the latest data catalog. It is recommended you update the catalog every week or two. Data files will typically be updated every couple of months, and you should use the most recent available.


After updating the catalog, all available countries are listed. You can open up each country to see the available Road Packs for that country.  Selecting a road pack or country will see that file's information displayed in the boxes below the list. Select the files you wish to download, and press Start to start the download.