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The Osmosis POLY File Format

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Osmosis POLY File Format


The POLY file format is used by Osmosis to specify the polygon area(s) to extract. The easiest way to create a POLY file is to use the JOSM OpenstreetMap Editor with the poly plugin. Geofabrik also publish POLY files for their data extracts.


The full description of the POLY format can be found on the OpenStreetMap Wiki's Polygon Filter File Format page. Here is an example of two polygon file (name: "australia_v") where the second polygon is a hole:


     0.1446763E+03    -0.3825659E+02
     0.1446693E+03    -0.3826255E+02
     0.1446627E+03    -0.3825661E+02
     0.1446763E+03    -0.3824465E+02
     0.1446813E+03    -0.3824343E+02
     0.1446824E+03    -0.3824484E+02
     0.1446826E+03    -0.3825356E+02
     0.1446876E+03    -0.3825210E+02
     0.1446919E+03    -0.3824719E+02
     0.1447006E+03    -0.3824723E+02
     0.1447042E+03    -0.3825078E+02
     0.1446758E+03    -0.3826229E+02
     0.1446693E+03    -0.3826255E+02
     0.1422483E+03    -0.3839481E+02
     0.1422436E+03    -0.3839315E+02
     0.1422496E+03    -0.3839070E+02
     0.1422543E+03    -0.3839025E+02
     0.1422574E+03    -0.3839155E+02
     0.1422467E+03    -0.3840065E+02
     0.1422433E+03    -0.3840048E+02
     0.1422420E+03    -0.3839857E+02
     0.1422436E+03    -0.3839315E+02