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Saving and Restoring One2OneMileage's Configuration

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One2OneMileage requires a lot of parameters to be set. Although One2OneMileage will keep a run's parameters as defaults for the next run, it is often convenient to save the configuration parameters in a file for later use. You can then save a "job" for use at a future date.


Configuration settings are stored in "UCO" files. Use the Load and Save buttons to load or save an UCO file. These can be found in the Log / Batch Options box on the main panel:




One2OneMileage can be automatically started from the command line and run in batch mode. It can also be told to write status updates and error messages to a log file (essential for batch operations). Press the Log & Batch Operations button to set these options.


Note: The concept behind UCO files is identical to Ultra MileCharter's UCM configuration files, however these two file formats cannot be interchanged. Both are internally different and store different parameters.