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Database Notes

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The following are notes specific to particular databases and interfaces.



Microsoft Excel


We do not generally recommend the use of Microsoft Excel with One2OneMileage. One2OneMileage is designed to work with relational databases. Although Excel can be made to look like a relational database, it is not perfect.


Excel does not support indexing and can be very slow for all but the smallest worksheets.


By default, Excel guesses at the field types. This can pose problems for numeric string fields such as US zipcodes, or integers such as unique identifiers (e.g. the primary key). By default, Excel will report both as floating point numbers. Floating point numbers are useless as zip codes, and cannot be used as primary keys.





One2OneMileage supports the use of ODBC over a network to access a database on a different PC or server. However, communication can be slow and database communication will be the bottleneck that limits Ultra One2OneMileage's overall speed. For comparison, during tests with the USA road pack, PostgreSQL gave speeds of ~70 routes/second over a network, compared to >130 routes/second when using a local Access database.





One2OneMileage applies delimiters to all identifiers using the ANSI standard double quote delimiter. You must set MySQL (and/or the ODBC connection) to use ANSI SQL quotes rather than the MySQL default single quotes.