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Advanced Settings

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Press the Advanced Settings button on the main dialog box to display the Advanced Settings dialog box:




The advanced settings include two Route Settings. First, you can set the maximum search distance ("Search distance when matching locations to the road network") when matching a coordinate with the road network. One2OneMileage will only search for a road node within this distance of each requested coordinate. The closest point found will be used. Any locations that do not have any road nodes within this distance will be considered 'unroutable' - i.e. too far from a road. If the route could not be found, and One2OneMileage detects this was because the location matched a short section of road network that did not connect to the main road network (e.g. a disconnected section of track, or an alley system in a pedestrianized city) then it will attempt to try the next closest piece of road network. You can disable this by setting the Simple Road Search check box. This will tell One2OneMileage to only try the closest piece of road segment and not to try any others. It is quicker, but it will fail to find more routes.


The road packs can be quite large and take time to load into memory. You can tell One2OneMileage to pre-load the road pack before processing by setting the Preload Road Data check box. One2OneMileage will then load the road data as soon as it has a valid road pack name. Note: This can cause the main One2OneMileage dialog box to be sluggish.


There is currently one User Interface setting. By default a dialog box with timing info (i.e. how long processing took) is displayed when processing has completed. Clear the Display timing dialog box on completion check box if you wish to disable this dialog box.