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Notes for Speed

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Ultra MileCharter is much faster than previous versions of MileCharter. With a modern quad core PC it can be ~1000x faster than Maptitude. Although Ultra MileCharter is fast, here are some suggestions for faster processing.



Hide Excel


If you have selected Microsoft Excel for output, setting the Hide Excel during processing can also result in a small increase in speed. Also disable any extensions or add-ins that slow Excel.


For very large charts, using the text file options might be more efficient.



Only Report the Closest Locations


Do you only need the shortest routes, or only those within a certain distance or travel time? If so, use the Only report shortest/quickest routes option. This option only calculates the routes that have a chance of meeting the specified criteria. This results in less of a speed-up than with previous versions of MileCharter, but the reduced output should help. The output (Excel or text files) will also be quicker if they don't have to handle as much data.



Good Hardware


Road packs can get large. For the USA we recommend a bare minimum of 16GB RAM. Other countries will require less - for example 4GB should be sufficient for the UK.


Loading these road packs into memory can be time consuming. Therefore we recommend keeping all road pack data on a SSD (solid state drive). This will also speed location/index look-ups which are kept on disk due to their size.


Although a dual core CPU should be sufficient, we recommend at least a quad core CPU. Ultra MileCharter is heavily multi-threaded and can take advantage of additional CPU cores.