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Ultra Mileage

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Introduction to the Ultra Mileage System

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Winwaed Software Technology LLC


Ultra Mileage

Fast Batch Route Mileage Computation


Ultra Mileage is a set of very fast batch route calculation tools. The primary tool is the Ultra version of MileCharter that calculates mileage charts. Output can include travel times and estimated costs, as well as route distances. Charts can be created to/from point data views and/or selected groups of points. Charts can be produced using the fastest, shortest, or direct straight-line distances. Output is written to either a text file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Ultra Mileage requires a multi-core PC running Windows 7 or better; and Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 or better. The USA country data requires 16GB RAM to use. Other countries require less.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contact Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

MileCharter Editions and Purchasing

Revision History


There are overview pages for the entire Ultra system:


Overview of the Ultra System

Setting the Default Directories


Four examples are provided for first time users:  


Example: Finding Distances Between Cities (requires the Contiguous USA road pack)

Example: Finding the Closest (requires the Contiguous USA road pack)

Example: Finding Distances and Costs from Depots to Customers (requires the British Isles road pack)

Example: Using a Custom Road Speed Profile (requires the Contiguous USA road pack)


The Download Manager is described on the following pages:


Overview of the Download Manager

Selecting Downloads

Downloading Files


The Pre-Processor is described on the following pages:


Overview of the Pre-Processor

Road Pack Configuration

Running the Pre-Processor


The following pages describe specific aspects of MileCharter's operation:


Selecting the Start and End Points

Using Points in a Text File

Using Points in an Excel Workbook

Using Points in a Maptitude Map

Setting the Road Pack

Route Options

Duplicate Routes

Output Options

Computing the Mileage Chart

Verifying the Calculated Routes

Reporting only the Quickest or Closest Destinations

Setting the Driving Costs

Types of Rate Table

Writing to a Text File

Advanced Settings

Notes for Speed


In addition, there is a glossary: