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Verifying the Geocoder Results

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Ultra Geocoder writes a status string to the output database to indicate the geocoding quality. It is also possible to visually inspect the returned result using the QC Map. After geocoding, select the type of QC Map in the QC Map box, and then press the QC button to display the Location QC dialog box. OSM MapControl gives an interactive map, and this is what the resulting Location QC: MapControl dialog box looks like:




All data rows which were reported as 'Okay' or 'Ambiguous' are available in the left list box. Some databases can have hundreds or thousands of data rows. Use the top search boxes to only select those data rows where a specific data field contains a specific piece of text. For example, you could limit the search to only those data rows in a particular city, or for a particular company.


Select a data row in the list, and press the Show >>> button to display the location on the map. You can also select and display multiple rows. Locations reported as 'Okay' are marked with green markers, whilst 'Ambiguous' rows are marked with yellow markers.


The Location QC: KML dialog box looks like this:




The left side of this dialog box works the same as with the map control. Press the Add >>> button to copy selected data rows to the Selected Routes list. Select an output KML file, and then press the Write KML File button to create a KML file that contains point markers for all of these geocoded locations. The KML file can then be viewed in a suitable viewer such as Google Earth.