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Geocoder Status Results

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Ultra Geocoder writes a status string for each geocoded data view. The status strings can be:


Status String


Not Set

This data rows has not been set - internal use only


Row was geocoded successfully


Row was skipped - internal use only


Multiple results was returned. The first result is reported.

Not Found

No results were found

Fatal Error

A fatal error occurred


"Okay" and "Ambiguous" may also be followed by a 'match level' when the underlying geocoding service reports it. This is the geographic level used in the geocoding. For example, you might supply a street address but the geocoder is only able to match this city. This would be reported with a match level of "City" instead of "Address". If a match level is available then the status and match level will be separated by a semi-colon and a space character, e.g. "Okay; City".


The match level can be: "Address", "Postcode", "City", or "Region".


Match levels are currently only supported by the Caliper Maptitude and HERE geocoders.