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Overview of Ultra Geocoder

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The Ultra Geocoder is used to geocode address information into geographic (latitude, longitude) coordinates that Ultra MileCharter and Ultra One2OneMileage can use. It does this using an external geocoding service. This can be a local installation of Caliper Maptitude, or an online service. Online geocoding services will require a suitable license.


When you start Ultra Geocoder, you will see the main panel which will look like this:




To use Ultra Geocoder, you should set the geocoding service options in the Geocoding Service box, the database parameters in the Database box, and then press Start to start processing. The results will be written back to the input database.


Use the Save Configuration box to load or save an Ultra Geocoder configuration file.


Use the QC Map box to verify the geocoder results visually on a map. Result quality is also written as a status value to the database.