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Example: Using a Custom Road Speed Profile

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This example demonstrates how to use the Ultra Pre-Processor to calculate a new road pack with a custom road speed profile. It is based on the Finding Distances between Cities example which uses the TXLA.xlsx worksheet in the MileCharter examples file:


The original example produced the following chart of distances between cities in Texas and cities in Louisiana:





The calculated travel times (hours:minutes:seconds) look like this:




We will create a new road profile with faster road speeds. Do this by starting the Ultra Pre-Processor:




Set the Input OSM File to use the Contiguous USA PBF file that was downloaded by the Ultra Download Manager. Set Output Data File to a new name for the output file. If you use an existing name and location (e.g. "usa-contig-fastest.umg") then the existing road pack will be overwritten. Here we have chosen usa-contig-fastest_mod.umg.


Next press Edit Config to set the configuration options and road profile:




Here we have set the configuration settings from the existing usa-fastest.umg by pressing the Load Config button. We have then gone through and deliberately set some very fast speeds. For example, motorway (i.e. Interstate) has been set to 90mph. These speeds are very unrealistic, but they are useful as a demonstration. We have also replaced the Description with a comment to help us identify what this road pack is. Once you have set all the required road speeds, press OK to keep this configuration.


The Optimization box is used to filter and optimize the output road data. Further information can be found on the Road Pack Optimization Options, but keep the defaults for now.


Then press Start on the main panel to start the pre-processing. Most countries will take 30 minutes to an hour to pre-process. The USA road network is very large, and will typically take a few hours to process.




When we run the Texas-Louisiana sample with the new road pack, the travel times are now quite a bit quicker:




As expected, the travel times of these routes are shorter due to the faster road speeds that we used.