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Ultra Mileage

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Computing the Mileage Chart

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Once the start points, end points, road pack, routing options, and output options have been set; it is ready to start the charting process. Do this by pressing the Compute button. If the Excel option has been selected (and not hidden), an Excel window will be created, and mileages will be written to this as they are calculated.


During processing, MileCharter will display the Progress form:




This indicates the number of routes that will be calculated and progress in this calculation. Press the Stop button to halt processing.


Route calculations may be delayed a few seconds if the road pack is not already in memory. This can be pre-loaded using the Advanced Settings.


Processing is significantly faster than with either the MapPoint or Maptitude versions of MileCharter. With a modern quad core CPU and sufficient memory, then processing speeds approaching ~1000 routes/second should be possible.