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"I was in Malawi as a Fulbright US Scholar and used Ultra Mileage for distance calculations for a project that looked at the spatial distribution of water resources and water access for people. Our goal was to find out how far people have to go to get water for their use; and are they always going to the closest water facility or not. I also helped a graduate student in Zambia who was studying Malaria prevalence among young children in Malawi. In that project, the student was interested in finding out the distance between the patient and the nearest health facility. The most critical and useful aspect of Ultra Mileage is that it works in a hybrid way for places like Malawi where roads data is often incomplete or lacking. Your tool calculates distance along the road for the part where road data is available and from the end of the road, it calculates straight line distance to the property location. The speed at which this completes the computations is amazing. " - Dr Suresh Muthukrishnan, Director of GIS and Remote Sensing Center, Furman University, SC